Leicester City Football Shirts

Leicester City sounds like Man City. There is the same word in their name. On occasion, home football shirts of both clubs are predominantly blue, but in different tone. Man City kit is sky blue while the Leicester City is dark blue.

Over the years, Leicester City rose up and won good places in league matches. In addition, more football fans turned their interests to the football club. Footballer Jamie Vardy is on the list of striking footballers of Leicester. Please place orders as soon as possible for limited inventory and high needs.

In 1884, the Leicester City is founded and competed in the second tier of English football. Fortunately, the club bobbing into the first division occasionally. Since the second place in 1929, the football club has not regained their peak once again.

It is astonished that Leicester City won the opportunity, being promoted to the top-flight in Premier League. It is in the season, the club finished league matches in 14th place. And in 2015-16 season, all football fans and pundits were crowned Premier champions, becoming elites of English football. Leicester City lifted the trophy after defeating many football giants like Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd, etc.

It’s obvious that needs of Leicester City shirts increase greatly, because of the whirlwind-like success. From 2012, Puma became the manufacturer of Leicester, taking the responsibility of providing home, away, third jerseys, training kits, training jackets and the like. All products on our website are sourced from manufacturers directly.

It is the Fox on club crest that Leicester City is often referred as the Foxes. Suitable socks and shorts are teamed with royal blue home jerseys.

The Walkers Stadium changed their name to The King Power Stadium. Since 2002, the football club have played all home matches at the stadium. A new plan has been proposed to enlarge the stadium, so that more football fans could attend home matches on the scene.

The football club win support from many die-hard football fans, especially from the local region. In spite of surprising accolades in Premier League, Leicester City have played league matches, leaving the best attendance statistics. Their great achievements in rankings and outstanding performances in pitches drive them into a media frenzy. All football fans flocked towards the football team and showed great support to the Foxes.

So turn to the Leicester City football shirts. In recent seasons, it finished at the top of Premier League table. Some highlights of Leicester City football shirts are as follows:

Royal blue colour

gold detailing

V-shaped neckline

100% Polyester

Dry-Cell technology

Puma logo

Round club crest

The royal blue is adorned with a V-shaped neckline, finishing with a folded style collar. For the purpose of producing comfortable football shirts for customers, Dry-CELL technology has been applied to production of official football kits. So that sports enthusiasts could run and compete on and off pitches freely.

Following traditions of royal blue base colour and other detailing, it is probable to predict some characteristics of Leicester shirt in new seasons. Last time, some prediction about new shirts will be brought.


The Released New Football Shirts of La Liga

As a top-flight league, many famous and competent football clubs compete in the league, such as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, etc. For the following fixtures of the 2018-2019 season around the corner, most clubs have unveiled the new home and away kit, so that supporters could get their favorite football kits ahead of the next round fixtures. In the next several weeks, perhaps we could catch news about newly launched outfits. At present, let’s look into detailed information to choose the most stylish and modern kits, compared with those kept secure and stayed.

Simple and Concise 2018-2019 Real Madrid Kit

Both home and away football kits of Real Madrid in 2018-2019 season have been released in recent days. For extraordinary performances and accolades of the club, football fans and other supporters hope to see wonderful and great things from them. In addition, it would be better if accolades and special details reflecting hidden meaning could be reflected on the design of sportswear.

Designers adopt the yellowish-white as the base color, some black details are taken as toned down look while the last season’s kit features light green details. Nonetheless, both shirts feature a common characteristic — full-colored crest, which takes the centered position and is eye-catching against the simple color scheme.

With the company with some classic details, the home jersey features a round neckline with buttoned fastening. It is a great improvement on the neckline when compared with the collar design of kits in the 2017-2018 season. The previous away football kits feature some green accents while this year’s away kit contains the most simple color scheme — black and white, which is similar to that of home kit. Besides, the predominant black shirt features some gray and white details. Different with home football shirt, the 2018-2019 Juventus away football shirt is embroidered with a black and white crest. These updates leave them possible to become a timeless and classic styling.

2018-2019 Atletico Madrid Home Kits

In recent days, the new home football kits are released by their manufacturer — Nick. Keeping symbolic striped red and white pattern, there are also some updates of the appearance. In general, some classic design elements will not be replaced easily for fear of triggering strong opposes from football fans. The symbolic striped pattern combines perfectly with dark blue details, such as a dark blue collar, crest, sponsor’s logo, etc.

The more eye-catching details of the 18-19 new season lies in gradient in the lower part of the front. The 17-18 home football shirt features some diagonal white stripes running from the upper left corner to the lower right corner with red outlines. But the short sleeves are still plain red without other designs. The torso of the rear is solid red without any decoration. Many football fans may would like to get them ahead of the following fixtures, so that they could show their support by simply donning the new kit.