Manchester United 2016-17 Football Shirts

Adidas and Manchester United jointly unveiled the brand new home and away shirts 2016-17 for this successful football club.

Adidas has become the supplier of Manchester United since 2014 and there is a ten-year contract between two sides. Adidas started to provide football shirts for the club from 2015-16 season.

2016-17 Home Shirt

Designers of Adidas were inspired by Manchester United’s long history. The new home jersey features a unique design on the front and the shirt is divided into two halves in different colors, which reminds of the football shirt 1878 for Newton Heath LYR Football Club. The honeycomb patterns at the two-tone shirt draw inspiration from the coat of arms of Manchester. During the Industrial Revolution, the hardworking image of the worker bees accelerated the city’s development. The city Manchester’s character has been deeply integrated with the club Manchester United, and this spirit also has been remembered by every player of Manchester United.

The club crest, Adidas brand logo and the sponsor’s name are printed on the front of the shirt; “M”, “U”, “F” and “C” are embroidered at the back of the collar, symbolizing Manchester United; “Newton Heath”, the origin of the club, is printed inside of the collar, which shows the long history and profound culture of Manchester United.

2016-17 Away Shirt

The well-designed away shirt is predominately Collegiate blue with red details(red Adidas stripes, red Adidas brand logo and red club crest). “M”, “U”, “F” and “C” are also embroidered at the back of the collar. Besides, “The Red Devils” is printed inside of the collar. The soft material made by innovative Adidas Climacool technology is extremely breathable which can keep players cool and comfortable during 90 minutes. The away shorts and socks are made from the same material.

Players can perform well when they put on the shirt.

Paul Pogba plays currently for Manchester United as a world-famous central midfielder. He helped the club win the titles of EFL Cup and UEFA Europa League in the 2016-17. In 2013, Pogba was named the Golden Boy, an award that is given to a young football player playing in European nation’s top tier. All nominees must be under the age of 21.

Pogba doesn’t show him perfectly in Manchester United, especially when the club is led by José Mourinho. It is reported that Juventus hopes to sign with Pogba again. However, the transfer is very difficult.

On the one hand, Manchester United is reluctant to lose Pogba. After all, the French players are only 25 years old and he is a potential and promising player. On the other hand, Manchester united wants to loan out Pogba, but Juventus is clearly unable to afford the annual salary(20 million Euros). Therefore, it is difficult for Juventus to sign a professional contract with Pogba.

Besides, there are a lot of rumors in the transfer market this summer about Juventus. The club needs to sign with some young footballers.

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